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Are you looking to purchase software to manage your real estate needs? Are you looking to invest in real estate software that can make your life more worry and stress free? Well, look no more as Buildium is here to answer to your real estate needs!

Buildium Features

Buildium is a highly recommended software to help you with your real estate matters as it offers features such as an online vendor portal that can track your billing and payments, a check printing feature which can be obtained from your own printer or via online service, as well as a create budget option for your managed properties.

Additional features include software online support, and phone support. Customer service representatives are available for any software-relate inquiries you may have while using Buildium.

You also can’t go wrong with Buildium’s video tutorials which can help you be more proficient in using the software. Buildium also comes with a free fifteen day trial so you can see for yourself if Buildium is really the software you need!

Buildium Pricing

As a subscription-based online software, Buildium Pricing is done through the number of units you have managed, and not by version.

You can avail of Buildium through the following Buildium Pricing options:

    – $9.99 monthly or $99 yearly if you have five or fewer rental units

    – $19.99 monthly or $215.00 a year if you are an owner of up to twenty-five rental units. It is $1.00 monthly for an additional unit thereafter up until seventy-five units

    – $74.99 monthly or $810.00 yearly for seventy-five to one hundred fifty units

    – $124.99 monthly or $1350.00 yearly for up to four hundred units

    – $174.99 monthly or $1890.00 yearly for up to six hundred fifty units

    – Those with more than six hundred fifty units may contact Buildium for a custom price quote for the software

Buildium Options

With the affordable unit-based Buildium pricing options provided, what more can you ask for? Try Buildium now! You may either choose from the Buildium pricing options, or avail of the fifteen day trial if you still want to try the software before making a purchase. If you do plan to purchase Buildium, then the following are your other options in purchasing the software:

    – Buildium FastStart Training – this provides direct assistance in helping you set up your real estate needs. It will help you in completing tasks quickly using the software ($200.00)
    – You can make online payments (This costs $99.00 per on time application, and an additional $0.50 per payment)

    – The EZ Mailer – this allows you to print and mail tenant and HO statements including expense checks (This costs $0.80 per document or check and includes postage)

With all these awesome bonus features, go purchase Buildium now and start a hassle-free management of your real estate needs!

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