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Buildium Property Management Software Reviews: The Pros and Cons

As a budding entrepreneur, you can use technology to help you manage your business. Your finances can be on spreadsheets, your graphs on presentations, and just about any kind of work you may have will probably have a software tool that can help manage that aspect of your business.

One such tool is the Buildium property management software. This is web based tool that will help you manage residential properties if you are into the real estate business.

The software allows you to do many things:

    – Have customized online rental applications

    – Advertise vacancies from your very own free marketing website

    – Screen tenants through credit and background checks

    – Track maintenance and repair records

    – Keep your financial and accounting books

    – Receive rental payments online and track rental payments

    – Pepare reports about your properties

It has all the functions needed to run a residential real estate business with ease.

Why you should or should not use Buildium Property Management Software

Buildium property management software reviews online say much about the pros and cons of using the software. They can give you an idea about whether Buildium is the right program for you to use .

Many users found its interface very user friendly and modern looking – it was aesthetically pleasing but at the same time functional and easy to navigate around. Other Buildium property management software reviews love how easy it starts up and how fast it works, despite having many functions, while also being secure yet easily accessible through the internet via any device.

Customer and tech support were also great for many customers who had questions about the program, as the company was able to respond immediately to their needs. Buildium also offers other services such as remote check printing, letter printing and mail service, as well as tenant screening and 1099 electronic filing.

The software however does not allow you to have fully customizable reports, so any report you wish generated will follow certain templates that the software has in its memory, and it can be difficult to connect it to another tool that will generate the report that you wish to have.

Also, the dashboard of the software is not as filled with features as would be expected. Also, the software was really made with residential properties in mind, so if you want to use it for commercial properties, it may not be the right software to use.

With these pros and cons in mind, you can now decide whether Buildium property management software is something you can use for your business. You will need to take into consideration the needs of your company as well as what the software offers, in order to make sure you are getting value for money and will be able to utilize all the functions of Buildium. Hopefully, the different comments of customers helped you see whether or not Buildium is for you.

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