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Summary of Buildium Reviews

When you look for online software to manage your property needs, what do you turn to? What do you look for as a gauge of the software’s features and reliability? As a consumer, you would most likely turn to reviews by experts or specialty websites in gauging whether a particular software is worth your money or not. Well, look no further as Buildium reviews have brought upon Buildium a sterling reputation based on reviews of the software’s capabilities. conducted Buildium reviews of the software’s Landlord and Property Manager Editions. The site quickly praised Buildium’s accounting and database system for rental property information. It also praised Buildium’s extra services and add-on features which according to, make Buildium stand out from other online property management software available in the market.

How exactly do these special features make Buildium stand out? Well, part of Buildium’s add-on features is allowing you, the customer, to accept online payments directly from the savings account of your tenants. The added bonus to this feature is that Buildium charges you a cheaper fee compared to alternative online payment methods such as Moneybookers or Paypal.

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Buildium’s EZ Mailer

There is also Buildium’s EZ Mailer which deals with property-concerned letters such as the late rent letter, landlord reference letter, or a 30 day notice letter. EZ Mailer will not only print these letters for you, but will mail them for you as well. Another noticeable feature featured in’s Buildium reviews is Buildium’s customized webpage set up for your tenants.

This website will allow your tenants to log in and manage their accounts in terms of rent payments and property repairs, and also allows them to keep up to date with your latest announcements through this customized website.

As an online property management software sold under $300, Buildium is truly worth your money. It allows you to manage your needs with your tenants in an easier, faster, and more systematized method. This holds true especially if you are managing 25 or more rental properties, Buildium is the perfect software to make your life easier as you will be saving time and energy in your everyday dealings with tenants.

Buildium: The Perfect Property Management Assistant

Think of Buildium as your perfect personal assistant, as it guides you through every step of managing your rental properties as it goes through finding new tenants for your available properties, and goes all the way down to mailing your tenants eviction notices. As a customer in the business of property management, surely you will see the potential of Builder in making your job easier.

Not only does this software assist you in managing the day-to-day needs of your property, but its added features such as the EZ Mailer and customized webpage for tenants shows how Builder will go the extra mile to ensure that your property management needs are attended to while also exceeding your expectations.

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