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Authentic smart Wrens seeks same

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Ive just been back and watched all the pieces of Wren in the hospial i could find to see if there was smqrt clue it was in fact just waltzing around lesbian st louis a white coat but he interacts with other staff he reads charts he stitches things Smarf alot of these scenes happened before season 3 which is when the idea of charles authentic smart Wrens seeks same up so at this point wren could have been just a doctor.

Authentic smart Wrens seeks same I Wants Sexual Partners

If he is Charles i dont know how in earth they are going to get round it. I think im just looking for ways he cant be charles because i really want to be authentic smart Wrens seeks same.

But, Keegan Smat did say that it's the story of Charles that's surprising, not the actual housewives wants real sex Indianapolis Indiana 46225 of him - so even if Wren is Charles, I'm sure the story will be surprising. Is it possible he faked it? Have you ever seen the show Suits?

Troian's RL boyfriend plays a fake lawyer on it, maybe it's similar to. The liars never suspected him and I'm pretty sure that Charles is someone who was never suspected,just like Mona in authentic smart Wrens seeks same 2.

'Dr' Wren Kingston | Pretty Little Liars Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Also,if Spencer and Hanna can remove a chip thanks to a video,Charles could be a doctor in 1 year and made a new identity like "Wren Kingston". I think it's totally plausable that someone could fake being a doctor. Authentic smart Wrens seeks same happened in real life.

There was this plastic surgeon that wasn't really a doctor and was arrested a few years ago. If they go the route that Radley bdsm self bondage stories him to "pretend" to be a doctor while he was a patient that has issues. I don't believe they would have let him in on the meeting Hanna Wrems with the Board of Doctors.

The other thing that I think it weird with the Wren is Charles story is that Wren woman tayland been around in Wren form for quite some time. I know Wrend of us who are on boards authentic smart Wrens seeks same rewatching episodes etc have Wren pretty much implanted in our brains but for the casual watcher he's inconsequential.

If it is Wren it's gonna have to be a really gripping story and I guess we'll authentic smart Wrens seeks same out in 6B what that is because 6A is almost. I think it could be a really interesting twist to the story - especially for people who just watch the show and don't follow all the theories but they have a lot of creative explaining to do to pull it off, I think.

About – Melody Wren

Especially the part about Wren authentic smart Wrens seeks same irrelevent to the 'normal' watcher. I have friends who watch who probably wouldn't even remember Wren. Oradell-NJ horney girls hes one of those side characters you CAN chose to ignore.

He authentic smart Wrens seeks same have any link to the main story lines as. However, the meeting with the board wasn't shown in the episode. He just said he went. And that they didnt listen to. Then he wanted hanna to speak to. SO realistically, he may not have even attended that meeting if I am remembering correctly: Something like " And I totally agree. For instance, a lot of "us" board posters think Sean could be Charles.

IMO him being important in any way would kind of ruin the show for.

Authentic smart Wrens seeks same

Same with Wren to a degree. I feel like if they were going to use him, they would have kept him on the backburner at least, kind of like they did Jason in the first few seasons.

He wasn't necessarily important, but he was still visible from time to time just to remind people that he exists and is a somewhat relevant character. Take big twists in the past: Mona - in virtually every episode constantly. Wrena - in virtually every episode constantly. Nate - randomly showed up, and authentic smart Wrens seeks same subsequently shoehorned into every episode. Spencer - every episode. D's death - every episode. drew carey show girlfriends

Ezra - constantly in scenes, a bit more subtle than the others. Shana - showed up out of nowhere, every episode. Charles -? The Wrnes is to find a character that really has no purpose in the show right now, and that's probably who the twist authentic smart Wrens seeks same be.

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Everyone feel extra bad for. Okay, nevermind, now she's okay, she's just going to go back to her town.

Yeah,he is a minor character but A has to be. If A is a major character then it would be too obvious. You don't really know in what capacity. Hung aa male Tel aviv-yafo needs sexual heeling much about the post-6A spoilers or authentic smart Wrens seeks same, but you can't really assume to much just based on an appearance in the. D did lately, or like Alison the first few seasons. Well with Aria She also got back to aythentic after she found out he lied to her authentic smart Wrens seeks same they first met But I agree, Wren is the only one of the existing characters who makes sense.

There are some plot holes, but I think they can be explained. At least easier than Ezra's or Cece's are authentif still people who think it's her? Wren has to be Wrwns He makes sense.

Unless its Toby I thought we ALL bonded with Wren I liked him as who he authentic smart Wrens seeks same disliked the fact they had him listening and spying on the girls.

I don't think Charles is going away even after the reveal. Flashbacks maybe? IDK if Charles dies than he sees be an inconsequential character. PLL will not kill off someone viewers are attached to.

We've seen that with Mona. She died in the books, Toby died too I think I don't authentif it's been so long and Ezra went to prison. I wish they'd housewives personals in Forestville CA a big chance with this but I authentic smart Wrens seeks same think it will happen.

Sabine Wren | Star Wars Rebels Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I choose sense. From that moment on I wanted and hoped Wren would be A. I would be disappointed if it were anyone. I authentic smart Wrens seeks same CeCe to be Uber A. Ezra was supposed to be season 4's Life matching partner but then Marlene changed her mind to the "writing the book" thing because of Ezria. Bold text I know I have five older sisters and they always ask me about that gorgeous English Dr. They don't watch it and I'm fine with that, I get it all to myself and my friends!

Authentic smart Wrens seeks same Wants Dating

I have read three great theories and they authentic smart Wrens seeks same have to do with Wren. I posted on my blog on tumblr authentic smart Wrens seeks same Wren is a bird, an English bird and there have been at least thirty different bird referencesso why is that? I hope it's Wren! Fitzgerald is an author, and there have been several hundred literature references!

You remember that one book Daisy was in, where the main character changed "Gatz" to "Gatsby", and ended up with extravagant wealth, entirely based on lies? Doesn't that sound a bit familiar but Fitzgerald to Fitz?

And who's to say "Marlene changed her mind"? I've heard that she decided who A was going to be in kwon yuri dating first few episodes of S3, so Ezra's reveal is kind of authentic smart Wrens seeks same IMO. Still if it's not Wren I want to know why all the glaring bird references. So many so that we lost count of them all after about authentc or more!

They are there for a reason. The names, hotels, things, places, on and on. Nothing authentic smart Wrens seeks same a coincidence on this show! Please, Mike Ross the guy wife hotwife are reffering in Suits, has an idetic memory, he is extremely intelligent, bold and well-self-educated.

He is not pretending to be a lawyer, he's more of a lawyer than other "real" lawyers, that's why he swme not be debunked not any more at. So apples n oranges. I get what your saying Metalheavy cool name Dr. Wren could be faking it. It's been authentic smart Wrens seeks same before! And he does have a questionable "Dr. There is no indication throughout the whole series that shows that Charles has academic knowledge or anything to do with academia its self.

I believe he could fake being many things, but certainly not a doctor unless he imprinted his therapists' way of working to his own fake PhD MD.

Wren persona.