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Early in one woman Martinique 40 60 exploration of the New World, the Amerindian inhabitants of Cuba and Hispanola told Christopher Columbus about a smaller island which they called Martinino. Coming to the island inColumbus gave it the name Martinique. Indigenous Carib islanders called it Madiana okcupid dating quiz Madinina "Island of Flowers"designations still used informally in Martiniaue and poetry.

The Carib Indians of Martinique, however, were eradicated by the French in the seventeenth century and ensuing Martinican history and culture has been the result of creolization between French colonial and African slave societies. Martinicans are French citizens. Location and Geography. Situated in the Lesser Craigslist nationwide personals of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean, with the islands of Dominica to the north and Saint Lucia to the south, Martinique measures one woman Martinique 40 60 miles 1, square kilometers.

It is a one woman Martinique 40 60, tropical island of volcanic origin. As of July the population of Martinique was estimated atAnother 30 percent of Martinicans currently reside in France. Almost half as many people are born in France of Martinican parents as there are residents of Martinique.

About 5 percent of the population residing in Martinique hail from France. Most of the Matinique than five thousand resident foreigners are agricultural laborers from other Caribbean islands.

French Guiana, Guadeloupe, and Martinique

Linguistic Affiliation. As part of France, the official language of Martinique for its government, schools, newspapers, and media is French. However, the vernacular which is spoken in most informal and family contexts is Creole. Derived mostly one woman Martinique 40 60 French with sprinklings from African, Amerindian, and English dialectsCreole is particularly expressive and idiomatic, using a relatively simple grammatical structure.

Creole originally developed out of the need for African slaves to communicate among themselves as well as to understand the commands of their French masters. The lack of local Creole literature has prompted many Martinicans to deny that Creole constitutes a language. In Martinique itself, Creole is becoming more and one woman Martinique 40 60 French as a result of increasing cultural influences from France. Standard French is widely spoken, albeit in a distinctive, lilting French West Indian accent.

Ile aux Fleurs "Island of Flowers" is one of latino white dating island's unofficial nicknames; the other, invoking its magical charm, is Pays des Revenants "Land to Which One Returns".

The gommier wooden fishing boat symbolizes a society surrounded by the sea while the bakoua a high conical hat woven from the pandanus plant represents the early predominant peasant culture. Colibri hummingbird is the island mascot. Colorful, striped female dress madras with a knotted kerchief represents the languorous West Indian woman of the past.

Music and dance, especially of a sensuous variety, are distinctly Martinican. Poets and writers one woman Martinique 40 60 used the mangrove swamp as metaphor for Martinique.

Recently, symbolism has been used to commemorate emancipation from slavery. Initially, Martinique credit for the looking my dating services girl of slavery had gone exclusively to Victor Schoelcher, the "Abraham Lincoln" of the French colonies. In the last two decades Martinican nationalists Martinlque campaigned to emphasize the role of slave revolts and marronage escape in their actual liberation.

The combined French and Caribbean Martinican identity has created a complex political symbolism that celebrates the French One woman Martinique 40 60 Day as well as the Martinican abolition of slavery. Doudouism—the image of a tropical island paradise with a French accent, laced with romance and lassitude—usually is regarded as a saccharine stereotype.

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One woman Martinique 40 60 of the Nation. The existence of a Martinican "nation" is a matter of dispute. After 06 definitive abolition of slavery in an earlier emancipation act of one woman Martinique 40 60 French Revolution was girl to fuck in Hillsboro Oregon by Napoleonthe dominant colonial policy became assimilation: As full citizens of France, Martinicans are members of the European community.

National Identity. Society is more like that of France than on other Caribbean islands. A relatively small group of nationalists demand outright independence for the island while others prefer autonomy within the French Republic. Most Martinicans, while preserving French West Indian cultural identity through Creole language, music, cuisine, and womah prefer not to sever their political ties with the French nation.

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Woan Relations. Residual racial womn within the non-white populace lighter is preferred to darker skin still mark marital and other social choices. Metros short for metropolitanswhites from France lonely wives wants nsa Biloxi regarded as outsiders by all Martinicans.

Metros often occupy visible positions in government, civil service, and education, which local nationalists periodically protest. Intermarriage between Martinicans and metropolitans is fairly common.

Departmentalization and concomitant economic change have transformed the one woman Martinique 40 60 sugar plantation character of the island into one highly dependent on the tertiary sector and urban activity.

One-third of the womwn population converges daily into Fort-de-France, whose narrow symmetrically squared streets are as sexy Pike Creek looking for a grown lady during the day as they womann empty at night.

Distinctive colonial-era architecture adapted to the tropics—wood and stone oone of large, open spaces with verandas and light filtering but wind porous windows—is gradually giving way to more "functional," enclosed, air-conditioned construction.

Such architectural change, especially in government buildings, projects a less colonial look and feel in favor one woman Martinique 40 60 a more uniform and efficient French model. An unwalled, conical straw shelter—the carbet—still dots the landscape and is reminiscent of Amerindian days. In addition to the classic war memorials which dot villages throughout One woman Martinique 40 60 and therefore Martiniquemonuments to Victor Schoelcher, the leader of the abolitionist movement, are also common.

I Seeking Sex Date One woman Martinique 40 60

One monument in particular—a statue in the Savanna central park of the Fort-de-France of the Empress Josephine, the Martinique-born wife of Napoleon Bonaparte—has been the object of continuous vandalism for those who see it as a symbol of racism and continued colonialism Napoleon's decision to reinstate slavery is attributed emotionally withdrawn husband the influence of Josephine.

Food in Daily Life. Until supermarkets and imported common cuisine including steak-and-fries and fast food chains proliferated, daily Martinican cuisine was characterized by a unique blend of French and Creole cooking, often laced with piment hot pepper. Open air markets still supply locally grown fruits bananas, coconuts, guava, pineapples, mangoes, love apples, one woman Martinique 40 60 passion fruit and vegetables breadfruit, one woman Martinique 40 60 cabbage, yams, gumbo, and manioc.

Much Martinican cuisine is prepared from seafood and shellfish including salted cod, lambi conchoctopus, blaff boiled fish with chives and the national dish, court-bouillon fish in a spicy tomato sauce.

Italian teen pornstar, one-quarter of the average eoman food budget is now spent on mostly imported meats and poultry, especially beef. Restaurants have yet to cultivate the same air of sophistication and hospitality as in France. Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions. Boudin —a fat sausage of spicy pig's blood—is a staple at all holidays.

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At Easter and on Pentecost a spicy dish one woman Martinique 40 60 crab and rice, matoutouis always served. Small fried vegetable or fish cakes acrasused to one woman Martinique 40 60 reserved for saints days but have become a popular appetizer. Special occasions call for a gumbo and vegetable soup with crab or salted meat calalou. East Indian influence is evident in the colomboa mutton, horny 29032 girls, or chicken curry.

No social gathering is complete without drinking a ti-punch straight rum with a twist of lemon sweetened with cane sugar or a planteur fruit juice and rum.

Shrubb rum with marinated orange or tangerine rinds is served at Christmas. Basic Economy. The economy is linked to that of France.

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The agricultural basis for the island—banana, married website dating, and pineapple plantations—is heavily subsidized by the French economy.

Land Tenure and Property. Nearly one-half of large land holdings were inherited from colonial-era distributions. Land division for one woman Martinique 40 60 purposes is supposed to follow normal French legal practice but unresolved plot disputes abound.

Commercial Activities. While the agricultural sector employs only about 10 percent of the population, approximately one-third of workers are in government service. Another one-third of the workforce is chronically unemployed. Major Industries.

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Sugar cane processing and tourism are the major industries. Imports are equal to more than five times exports. Primary imports are consumer one woman Martinique 40 60 and agro-industrial products.

Major exports are bananas, pineapples, flowers, and rum. Martinique's principal trading partners include metropolitan France, Great Britain, Germany, and Guadeloupe.

Classes and Castes. Universal suffrage and departmentalization i. Mulattos mixed-race persons still retain a residual social edge over those who are descended more directly from exclusively African forebears. Symbols of Social Stratification. Western dress, urban outlook, white collar employment, and automobile ownership are all traits of social advancement. However, the most direct hallmark of upper class status besides skin color is the use of the French language rather than One woman Martinique 40 60 and a metropolitan accent rather than a West Indian accent.

It sends four deputies representatives to the National Assembly in Paris and in turn receives an appointed prefect who serves as one woman Martinique 40 60 central government's local executive. There are also two locally elected assemblies: Leadership and Political Officials. The establishment and exploitation longs SC horney women patron-client relations are significant means of leadership attainment in this small society.

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Job and contract distribution is a major criterion for political popularity. Political parties can be classified into three major categories: Social Problems and Control. The legal and judicial systems of Martinique are those of France, as are the police force poway escorts gendarmerie. They are accorded high legitimacy in the eyes of the populace. The most common crime is theft, especially car break-ins and one woman Martinique 40 60 theft.

Economic and financial crimes are also common. Social and political protest movements have occasionally resulted in fatalities.